Alias Sub-D Modelling

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Alias Sub Divisional Modelling has been around for a good few years now. But initially I was sceptical of how it would fit into my workflow. Around the time the software first became available I did a couple of tutorials and concluded that I could build a car quicker in Nurbs.

But over the next couple of years the software became more and more adopted and talked about within the car industry. Clients also started requested model programs in Sub-D, something they previously had not specified. So late in 2021 I decided I could no longer ignore this software and took a week off work to learn it. But this time with a much more open mind. This turned out to be fortuitous as by the beginning of 2022 I had to deliver my first Sub-D Model to a client. This was subsequently followed by another couple of client models in Sub-D.

My attitude towards the software has completely changed. Although the workflow initially feels alien to an experienced Nurbs modeller, Sub Divisional Modelling is incredibly simple in terms of tools and workflow. After an initial steep learning curve the software soon becomes very easy to use and very powerful. With delivery of beautiful client models in several of days a reality and something that simply is not possible in Nurbs. Personally it feels amazing to be faced with a new challenge and a new way of modelling after having used Nurbs for over 20 years

As we head through 2022, I can see a that I will be spending more and more time using Sub-D and less and less using Nurbs. As an Exterior Concept Modeller it is only a matter of time before Sub-D is my dominant modelling tool.