New contract at Makkina, London

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In October 2018 I was offered the opportunity to work with Makkina in Notting Hill, London. After 14 or so years of working with OEM’s it was exciting to switch things up a gear and work with this world renowned Automotive Design Consultancy led by its founder Michael Ani. I joined a team of extremely talented designers and modellers working closely with an impressive array of international clientele.

Company profile as on the Makkina website;

“Makkina was founded in 1998 by Michael Ani following many years’ experience in the automotive industry, with a number of concept and production cars already to his name, his goal was to establish a creative automotive design consultancy which should also work hand in hand with the OEM’s. In operating closely and discreetly as an extension of their own design facilities. Makkina has established strong links with its clients, who include OEM’s in Europe, Asia and the USA. Projects are undertaken from early ideation sketch phase, through digital and physical modelling, through to full-size prototype.”

During my short time there I have worked numerous projects from early concepts through to digital and physical models. Due to the discreet nature of the work we do at Makkina it is not possible to talk about this in any more detail. But rest assured it is fast paced, exciting and extremely varied!