New contract at Charge Automotive, London

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In September 2019, I finished my contract at Makkina and started working with Charge Automotive, a new EV company based in the heart of London. I joined a rapidly growing team of highly talented individuals responsible for the development of the company’s 1960’s Electric Mustang concept. We are now tasked with developing and delivering 499 of these cars for production and sale to a select number of individuals.

Company profile as on the Charge Cars website;

“Charge Automotive is a British company based in London. Our team has extensive experience in the development of luxury and high performance vehicles. Our engineers contributed to various projects for McLaren Automotive, Jaguar Land Rover and F1 Racing Teams. Moreover, we are passionate about eternal automobile classics!

We redefine great classic cars with advanced electric technology while preserving their iconic design. We believe in an emission-free future while giving ultimate performance to epic autolegends.”

I have literally just started this position so there is little to say… though I can tell you that it’s a highly exciting and stimulating environment to be in. And completely unlike any other position I have had in the past!