Makkina TR25 Launch Event

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On July 13 2023 Makkina held its 25th Birthday Party at Woods Quay on the Victoria Embankment, London. It took the opportunity to launch its first concept car in the company’s history, the aptly named Makkina Triumph TR25 in recognition of its birthday.

Taking inspiration from the iconic Triumph ‘Jabbeke’ TR2, the recently launched Triumph TR25 show car was built to emulate one of the most respected cars from the Triumph brand. Featuring a signature ‘25’ in the headlamps to commemorate 25 years of Makkina, the TR25 is a product of many years of professional successes. Sporting the same pale blue-green colour as the original ‘Jabbeke’ TR2, which took part in speed trials in Jabbeke, Northern Belgium, 70 years ago, the Triumph TR25 is a perfect blend of past and present.

Many of Makkina’s clients, colleagues and friends attended the party see the unveiling to celebrate the company’s 25 years in business. The evening turned out to be a wonderful warm and intimate night. One that I shall remember for a long time.