Bounty RSCG Euro asked DesignIT to create a brand for ‘Ultimate Consumer List’ from scratch. It had to be family-centric, speak to the direct marketing community in a clear and authoritative way and have a distinctive look that would work effectively across all media.

We developed a logo and house style that instantly reflected Bounty’s unique heritage in this area. A style that was distinctive, authoritive, and worked effectively across all media. The brand was acclaimed at all levels within Bounty and the sector as a whole for its clarity and focus.

It proved to be the catalyst for a new impetus by Bounty that invigorated the sector as a whole. Early indications suggest much higher levels of sales enquire than previously.

  • Design Director Lee Neesham
  • Year of Release 1998
  • My Involvement Overall design and project management
  • Software Used Adobe Photoshop, Flash & Dreamweaver