Over the years I worked at Renfrew I created numerous pieces of promotional work ranging from websites to corporate brochures. This brochure was the last piece of promotional work I created for them, and it was designed to compliment their new website that I had recently created.

Renfrew wanted a brochure that was bold and powerful yet clean and simple. It had to leave an impact on two levels, firstly from someone quickly flicking through it and secondly from someone reading it in depth. The brochure has powerful images coupled with short bold statements that can be digested at a glance as well as further images and in depth statements for the more engaged reader.

Both this brochure and Renfrew’s new website have been a great success, helping to achieve new levels of business for the company.

  • Design Director Bruce Renfrew
  • Year of Release 2001
  • My Involvement Overall design and project management
  • Software Used Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator