Mattel a long standing client of the Renfrew Group, approached the consultancy with a new project for the Hotwheels brand. Part of the project involved designing and prototypes a range of minature motorised vehicles for the range topping playset. 

The designers involved in the project supplied me with a range of visuals and some engineering hard points. Interpreted these sketches as best I could given the stringent engineering guidelines I had and quickly built up the range of models ay 10 times size. I had roughly 4 hours to produce each model.

These models were then prototyped using an advanced SLA technique to capture the minute details of the model. They were then hand painted and shown for client evaluation.

  • Design Director Bruce Renfrew
  • Year of Release 2003
  • My Involvement Concept Development & Modelling
  • Software Used Alias SurfaceStudio