Renfrew Group was appointed to design a new stylish tape measure that was not only functional but also simpler to manufacture and assemble. It was hoped the new designs would aid Fisco Products to generate increased sales and recapture ground lost to its competitors in recent years.

Renfrew Group’s groundbreaking concept was produced through innovative design that reduced the part count and consequently reduced assembly time considerably. The design also offered a unique ergonomic handgrip that formed an integral part of the products innovative form. Visuals that I created and rendered in Alias Studio helped convey the concept and graphic/label options to their management board.

The product went on to become a finalist in the annual design week awards and has since become a best seller in the commercial trade sector restoring Fisco’s dominance in this area.

  • Design Director Bruce Renfrew
  • Year of Release 1996
  • My Involvement 'A' Class Surfacing & Visualisation
  • Software Used Alias SurfaceStudio