The GT essentially reinvented Bentley after its introduction in 2003. The Continental GT is now something of an icon among high-end super luxury coupes, having wooed the the public and seen Bentley sales expand to around 10,000 units a year. Consequently the second generation GT, introduced in 2012, is somewhat evolutionary.

However, the detailing of the car, including the wheels, headlights, and brightware were far more revolutionary. One of my jobs with this new vehicle was to work with the designers on the design and development of the new wheel range. I took sketches of around 8 different designs and along with the designers converted those into Alias CAD models on package. These were then added to a complete exterior and reviewed in Autodesk Showcase and further down the line physical models and prototypes were produced. Three basic wheel designs were choosen for the initial launch of the car.

These were later handed to the ICEM team for production development and sign off.

  • Design Director Dirk Van Braeckel
  • Year of Release 2012
  • My Involvement Concept Modelling
  • Software Used Alias SurfaceStudio