Bora Kim, an RCA student, was invited to complete her Masters project at Bentley Motors after winning a competition entitled ‘Bentley’s of the Future’ that Bentley ran in partnership with the Royal College of Art.

While I was contracting at Bentley Motors I was asked to model her concept in Alias AutoStudio. At this stage she had already created a basic 3D model of her concept, that I further developed and refined over the next few weeks. The data was then used to produce a third scale model for her RCA show in London. This included modeling the exterior and body in white for milling and the hard parts that were produced as SLA’s.

Further down the line she used the data to produce a number is renderings in Hypershot, a couple of which are shown here.

  • Design Director Bora Kim
  • Year of Release 2010
  • My Involvement 'A' Class & Concept Modelling
  • Software Used Alias SurfaceStudio